Meet Our Team


Chris Cloud

Chris has been teaching in the Triad since 2010 and has nearly 15 years of teaching experience. His passion for music in education has been shared both in and outside of the classroom. He currently holds a Degree in Music with a focus in Classical Guitar and Pedagogy and is continuing his education with a Master's degree in the works.

"The secret to truly learning an instrument and feeling successful in music is all bout tiny victories. Set a series of small goals and approach each one with as much energy and passion as you would something more difficult."


Josh Mckelvey

Josh is a life-long musician. Starting at a young age with a love for jazz, he continues to pursue music with a passion. He has been an active member of the music community for well over a decade, both as an instructor and a performer. Though his primary instruments are brass, he is well-versed in guitar, bass, drums, theory, and composition.

Josh has also proven himself as a sound engineer and producer. He has worked with several artists and groups over the years including his current project, Dear Saturn. He currently oversees production, recording, and engineering here at Cloud Music Academy.

" Anybody can pick up an instrument and play, but to be an extraordinary musician you need to master the fundamentals. That makes all the difference"


Andrew Auman

Andrew is a founding member and drum instructor at Cloud Music Academy. Being a multi-instrumentalist allows him to keep lessons fresh and interesting. It also give students an opportunity to experience playing with other instruments. He teaches his lessons according to what style of drumming and music his students enjoy, while still tapping into the fundamentals of drumming that translate across
many different genres of music. Also well versed in drum maintenance and upkeep, he has worked as a drum specialist in various capacities for over a decade.

"More than anything, I strive to share my passion for drumming with students, and help them to enjoy and hone their abilities at the craft I enjoy so much."

Andrew is a part of the local music scene as well, playing out on a regular basis, as guitarist, vocalist and drummer for multiple groups.


Haley Owens

Haley Owens has been playing banjo since 2004 and teaching since 2010. She enjoys experimenting with the banjo in many different styles of music, from the traditional bluegrass to rock and pop. She plays regularly at local venues, such as Brown's Ole Opry, and has taken part in many High Lonesome Strings events. She also has been on several recordings, including some in West Virginia and Nashville, Tennessee. She believes that anyone can learn to play the banjo, no matter their starting ability, and that learning and playing should be fun. Whether you want to play in jams and concerts or just play for yourself, she can help you do it!